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11 of the BEST Police Officer Handcuffs (Ultimate Pro Guide)

11 of the BEST Police Officer Handcuffs (Ultimate Pro Guide)

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Brian Humenuk | Author | COPJOT


By Brian Humenuk   MS|CJA   COPJOT  

Updated on January 20, 2024

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Arguably, handcuffs are the most important piece of equipment that law enforcers carry.

I did say arguably which means I consider that statement debatable and I’m sure you do as well.

In many cases, handcuffs can be the end of violence and the restoration of peace.

In other cases, not so much.

Handcuffs are also the visible symbol of authority and the end of personal freedom.

In this ultimate guide, I am going to deep dive into the world of handcuffs for law enforcement, exploring their functionality, benefits, different color options and alternatives.

I am also going to lay out the Best Handcuffs for Police Officers and where to get them.

In most of my articles, I like to put a nice fat button right about here that will bring you right to my best picks, but truthfully this article is packed full of great information from top to bottom.

There's a lot of meat and potatoes in this article to consume but be sure to read to the end where I will show you a great handcuff accessory that I liked so much I went out and got one for myself.

If you are just getting into law enforcement and are starting to make choices in what gear to carry this article will be your go-to. 

For the veteran police officers, sheriff deputies, and state troopers “I get it” handcuffs don’t change much but I appreciate you reading this article because you may pick up on a pair of handcuffs that you may want to switch to.

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police gadgets and gear must haves

Let's dive in! 

Best Handcuffs for Law Enforcement?

The best law enforcement handcuffs are those that come with a long history of proven reliability, quality materials and a name that you can trust.

Having worked in law enforcement for quite some time there are a few brands that stick out amongst the rest. I consider the following handcuffs at the top of my list:

Smith & Wesson Handcuffs - Model 103 Chained

Peerless Handcuffs - Model 701C Handcuffs

ASP Sentry Handcuffs

VIPERTEK Handcuffs Police Edition

ASP Identifier Blue Accent Handcuffs - One of my personal favorites!

Understanding Handcuff Types and Features

Before diving into specific handcuff recommendations, it's essential to understand the different types and features available:


Handcuffs are typically made from stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum. Stainless steel offers durability and resistance to corrosion, making it a popular choice for law enforcement use.

Carbon steel provides strength and reliability, while aluminum offers lightweight convenience for certain applications.

Locking Mechanism from one cuff to the other

Cop Handcuffs feature various locking mechanisms, including chain, hinged, and rigid designs. Chain handcuffs provide flexibility and maneuverability, making them suitable for various situations.  

Hinged Handcuffs

Hinged handcuffs like the VIPERTEK Hinged Heavy-Duty Handcuffs offer increased security and control, particularly for restraining resistant or violent suspects.

Rigid Handcuffs

Rigid handcuffs provide maximum immobilization and are often used in high-risk scenarios.

In my experience the handcuffs that use hinged and rigid locking mechanisms cause a lot of discomfort and will garner a lot more officer complaints.

I believe that these types of handcuffs should be carried but used judiciously to restrain or transport violent individuals.

Double vs. Single Lock

Handcuffs may feature a single or double locking mechanism to prevent them from tightening further once applied.

Double-locking handcuffs offer an additional level of security by requiring a secondary step to release the cuffs, reducing the risk of accidental tightening or tampering.

I recommend always using handcuffs with a double lock feature.

To go one step further I also recommend inserting your handcuffs into the carry case in such a way that when you draw them out to use the double lock mechanism will be on the side of the suspect's wrists where it will be easier to access the port.

This will take a lot of practice but you will get it pretty quickly.

Durability and Safety Features

Look for handcuffs with durable construction, smooth edges, and reliable locking mechanisms to ensure safe and effective use in the field.

Consider additional features such as keyhole covers to prevent tampering and double-lock indicators for visual confirmation of engagement. I recommend the ASP handcuffs that have a clear double-lock indicator.

Which handcuffs do police use?

Police use handcuffs that are made of stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum. They also select and use handcuffs that use a chain or hinge as the locking mechanism between the two handcuffs.

Best Handcuffs for law enforcement officers

Cops, sheriff deputies and state troopers use handcuffs that in most cases have a double lock mechanism to prevent the handcuffs from closing further.

In some cases police officers and detention officers have what's called police issue handcuffs as part of an agency policy which means they don’t get to pick and choose which kind they carry.

Choosing a pair of handcuffs for the Police Academy

> Be sure to read your agency's policies and procedures regarding equipment because all around the world many law enforcement agencies still have an authorized carry list regarding gear and equipment.


> Some agencies have a policy that says where handcuffs will be placed on your police duty belt.

Don’t be the recruit that shows up at the training academy with a pair of peerless handcuffs and your agency has a policy that says only Smith and Wesson handcuffs shall be carried.

OK, so having given clear warning about police policies and handcuffs if you are looking to buy a pair of handcuffs for the police academy you should consider the following handcuffs.

Heavy Duty Handcuffs

When you pick up and handle heavy-duty handcuffs they are more often a pair of hinged cuffs.

Consider putting at the top of your list the VIPERTEK Hinged Heavy-Duty Handcuffs which are under $30, come in black or silver and in many places delivered overnight. 

What do Police use instead of handcuffs?

Sometimes police officers, sheriffs deputies and state troopers will use flex cuffs or large zip tie handcuffs in order to subdue individuals. 

It is common to see these types of handcuffs used during riots and where there is a large police presence at events and concerts.

Police Flex Cuffs or Police Zip Tie Handcuffs

Police flex cuffs can be used in many situations. They are a bit odd to carry on or with you but can be a necessity to have if you work special operations, concerts, sporting events or public demonstrations. 

I attach two pairs of flex handcuffs to my police duty bag that I use for patrol. You never know when you will be sent to a call where several individuals will need to be detained or taken into custody.

Speaking of police duty bags. If you haven't already read my article "What are the Best Police Duty Bags (Ultimate Guide)" you are missing out on a lot of great patrol gear information. Check it out here.

The flex cuffs that I like and you should consider are the VAMRONE 10-piece Disposable Handcuffs are simple and affordable.

What are some Black Handcuffs law enforcement?

Police officers often carry black handcuffs for practical and tactical reasons.

The color black is chosen for its versatility and ability to blend into the officer's uniform and equipment. This minimizes visibility, particularly in low-light conditions or during nighttime operations, which can be advantageous in maintaining the element of surprise and ensuring officer safety.

Black Chain Handcuffs

Consider the following Black Chain Handcuffs:

Peerless Handcuff Black Oxide Finish model 701C

Smith & Wesson 100M Melonite Finish Handcuffs

Vipertek Police Edition Black Handcuffs

Black Hinged Handcuffs

Consider the following Black Hinged Handcuffs:

Best Black Hinged Handcuffs

Smith & Wesson Hinged model 300 Handcuffs

Vipertek Heavy Duty Hinged Double Lock Steel Police Edition

Pink Handcuffs for Police

In recent years pink handcuffs have seen their way into the law enforcement field. There are (3) pair of pink handcuffs that you should have on your go-to list for everyday carry gear.

Pink Handcuffs for Police

ASP chain double locking Identifier Pink handcuffs

ASP hinged double locking Identified Pink handcuffs

Uzi hinged professional police-grade Pink handcuffs

Lightweight Handcuffs to Lighten Police Duty Belt

Many Law Enforcement Officers and Security Officers look to drop the weight of their duty belts. This can be a smart choice.

The Peerless Superlite hinged handcuffs are an option to consider. 


Check out an article that I recently authored "What are the BEST Police Duty Belts (Ultimate Review Guide)which is a must read for any law enforcement officer or security guard who is assigned to patrol work.   

Can I buy handcuffs on Amazon?

Yes, and many of the handcuffs that were recommended to you have a direct link to buy them from Amazon.

I find that Amazon has better prices on handcuffs then police supply stores. What I also like about buying handcuffs on Amazon is many of the cop handcuff sets that I linked to in this article will get delivered to you in days or less.

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Brian has earned three degrees in Criminal Justice with the last, a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

Brian extends his training, education, and experience to the officers just now getting into the field so that they may become more informed police officers and stay clear of police misconduct and corruption. 

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