Personalized Police Officer Gift Ideas

Personalized Police Officer Gift Ideas

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Brian Humenuk | Author | COPJOT Police Notebooks and Pens
Updated on February 23, 2023
4 minute read


If you are searching for a personalized police officer gift you are definitely not alone and you have found the right page. I am confident that you will like what you see here.

Gifts for Police Officers are best when they have a touch of personalization. Realistically, some form of personalization is what can make a good gift a great gift.

Since 2015 COPJOT Police Notebooks and Pens has been manufacturing, customizing and personalizing Custom Police Notebooks for Police Officers and Law Enforcement agencies nationwide. We have become experts in Police Notebook and Pens.

Whether you are making your purchase right here on or on our ETSY store we don’t frown from communication. 

Personalized Police Officer Gift

When you look at the options out there on the internet for personalized police officer gifts there are a lot of choices but few of them are one that is personalized and can be used nearly every shift that your loved on works. That is important. The best police officer gifts are:

  1. A personalized gift with their rank, name, and badge number.
  2. A gift that they can use daily while working on the job.

Our Custom Police Notebooks perfectly match both 1 and 2 above. The two places that you can purchase our Police Notebooks and Pens are on and our ETSY store.

There are two things that police officers go through a lot of and that is ink and paper. Nearly every call they go on they are writing down information.

Custom Police Notebook Cover | COPJOT

Custom Notebook Cover

Our custom notebooks and notepads have the officers agency logo / patch sealed on the front for a custom and professional look.

The instructions for ordering one or even several of them are basic.

Go to the CUSTOM POLICE NOTEBOOK product page.

Enter the Name of the Agency in the box provided.

If you have a (JPG, GIF or any other format) of the agency patch or logo simply upload it using the image upload option. 

To Personalize the notebook with a Rank, Name and Badge # follow the instructions below.

Personalized Notebook Cover | COPJOT

Personalize Your Notebook Cover

After uploading your image pick the color that you want to Personalize the notebook with. Your options include:

* Silver
* Gold 
* Blue

    Next in the box provided enter the rank, name and badge or ID number.

    Your Notebook comes with 1 lined notepad. Purchase more using the link on the COPJOT homepage "Police Notepad Refills"

    Places to buy a Custom Notebook Cover or Personalized Notebook Cover

    If you are purchasing on the product page which you can find here. Here is a link to our CONTACT US page in case you have any questions.

    If you are using our ETSY Store which you can find here please complete your purchase and use ETSY’s messenger to send us the patch / image / logo along with any questions you may have.

    How do I refill my Police Notebook with notepads?

    Refilling your Police Notebook with notepads is easy. Both LINED and UNLINED Notepads that fit the COPJOT Custom Police Notebook can be found at the following locations that include links directly to buy them.

    More Information

    Are you a Police Officer, Sheriff or State Trooper, Law Enforcement family member or friend check out our Custom Police Notebooks and Metal Police Uniform Pens here on our main website.

    Publishing significant Police related blog articles is not the only great thing we do. We manufacture, customize and personalize Custom Police Notebooks and Notepads for Police Officers and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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