23 Top Rated Police Graduation Gifts Trending Now

23 Top Rated Police Graduation Gifts Trending Now

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Brian Humenuk | Author | COPJOT Police Notebooks and Pens
Updated on August 1, 2023
8 minute read


There are many occasions in which a Police Officer can be the recipient of a gift. You at this very time may be shopping or looking for ideas for a police academy graduation gift or even appreciation gifts for police officers.

Whatever the occasion may be it is an important one because you are recognizing a person who has dedicated their life to serve others in a capacity that can bring them danger.

Police Academy Graduation Gifts 

If you are invited to a Police Academy Graduation party you should bring a gift. If you are a family member or close friend gift giving to the newly graduating police officer is a great idea.

Nearly all of the items and products on the below idea list have been purchased and used by us. We showcase them here because we think that they would make great gifts to give to a Police Officer. Better yet, the gifts on our 27 top gift idea list can be ordered on short notice and still received within a few days.

Law Enforcement Graduation Gifts

There are nearly 1 million Police Officers in the United States and nearly all of them have entered and eventually graduated from a Law Enforcement Academy. It is a place where a civilian recruit becomes a sworn law enforcement officer and in between the two is 5-6 months of extremely hard training.

Law Enforcement graduation gifts can extend to Drill and Ceremony Instructors, Academy Instructors as well as Academy Directors in appreciation for their dedication towards class achievement. 

If you are looking to bulk order Law Enforcement Graduation Gifts please check out this link to our Custom Police Notebooks and Police Officer Pens. 

Unique Gifts for Police Officers

Police Officers are unique themselves but here we are going to give you information about the unique gift and not the unique Police Officer.

Unique Gifts for Police Officers are items that can be customized and personalized. They are gifts that are unique to the Police Officer themselves. An example of this is a police pocket notebook that is customized to the agency the police officer works for as well as personalized to the officer themselves. This item is #1 on our list because we love it and here is the link to check it out.

Appreciation Gifts for Police Officers

Officers can receive an appreciation gift but don't feel disrespected if they can't accept them.

Their department policies and procedures will dictate whether it is OK to accept a gift or not or even the cost of the gift.

For instance, in some states officer can't accept a gift that is over $50. Police Officer gifts can be found for under $50 and we have plenty of them on our list below. 

Gifts for Police Officers

The best gifts for Police Officers are gifts that are specific to their personality, what they may enjoy doing off duty, what may bring them excitement upon opening it. What may bring you excitement upon them opening it can also be a great gift.

Gifts for Female Police Officers

Ladies before gentlemen here. Many of the gifts that  we recommend below are great for female police officers. Gifts that are unique and that can be used at work are great choices. Items and products that help the officer with self-care are part of our recommendations.

It helps if you can find out the police officer’s title and badge or ID number so that if you order a custom, personalized or unique gift you can have this information put on the gift. You will find that many of our gift ideas that are sold on ETSY have options for including personalization.

Law Enforcement Gifts for Him

Many Male and Female Police Officers, especially the ones graduating from the police academy, are health and fitness nuts. Several of the gift ideas that I recommend are in the self-care, health, fitness and nutrition category.

Staying in great health is important to a police officer and chasing bad guys isn’t all of it. Police Officers work a lot of hours and many of those hours can be stuck in a patrol car or outside in the elements.

It helps the officer if the gift giver is providing something to help make their life easier when it comes to keeping comfortable and staying healthy.

Police Gift Ideas

Your favorite police officer may be graduating from the police academy or is just deserving of an appreciation gift. Keep in mind while you are looking through the following ideas that law enforcement officers are hard workers where their normal day can be a long day where they spend hours at a crime scene, chasing bad guys or directing traffic.

Whether this special person of yours is a Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, State Trooper, Corrections Officer or other law enforcement officer many of the gifts that I recommend will fit their need and or lifestyle.

We have done the research taking into consideration your ordering time frame, your budget and what gifts make a police officer feel valued. This article goes a lot deeper than that of any other out there because there is a lot of experience behind it as well as by recommending the top 27 police gifts that make a police officer's life on duty and off duty much better.

#1 is the COPJOT Custom Police Notebook for many reasons. It makes the perfect gift because it checks all of the boxes.

☑ It is useful while on duty. A police notebook can be used almost daily while on duty.

☑ It can be personalized with the officer's rank, name and badge number in silver, gold or blue.

☑ It is a very thoughtful gift.

☑ It is a head turner amongst the officer's peers and co-workers.


Custom Police Notebook | COPJOT


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