About Us

COPJOT, LLC is a Law Enforcement Officer owned and operated company based in Massachusetts that manufactures and personalizes patrol notebooks for the law enforcement and criminal justice industry. The COPJOT, as it is called, is a Pocket Patrol Notebook that is Sleek, Professional, Durable and Affordable. The Patrol Notebooks are made from a material called ultrabond which is a manufactured black leather. It measures 3 inches wide by 5 inches long. It fits perfectly in a uniform shirt or pants pocket. Refill notepads can be found at office supply stores however, they can be found here on COPJOT.com at a great price with free shipping.

Do you ever wonder what you can buy a LEO for his or her academy graduation, rank promotion, birthday or special occasion? Well a COPJOT makes the perfect gift that is inexpensive, customized to their agency and is shipped FREE. Throw in a beautiful pen set and you have a perfect gift for under $30.

COPJOT is still in it's infancy and is slowly growing mostly by word of mouth by our valuable customers. Social media advertising has also helped us grow and move into the western part of the United States and internationally. Through COPJOT.com, EBAY, and ETSY, COPJOT Patrol Notebooks have been purchased and sent all over the United States and even to Europe, Australia, South America, and Canada. Whether you live in New England, Florida, California or in another country our goal remains the same. To make you, the customer, happy from your shopping experience all the way to receiving and using your very own COPJOT.

We appreciate all that you as law enforcement officers, command staff, and supportive family members and friends do to protect our communities.

Thank you for your support of our small business!

~ Copjot