Conditions Of Use

The following conditions of use apply to your use of the COPJOT web site ("the web site") by COPJOT and any company member of its group, (herein after referred to as COPJOT) and its customers. Your use of the web site indicates your acceptance of these conditions of use.

1. The sale or intended sale of COPJOT Agency Notebooks listed on
  • Any other place of commerce are intended strictly for the use as a collectible, memento, a decorative purpose, and or use for legitimate law enforcement purposes ie; note taking, interviewing.
  • COPJOT notebooks are NOT listed for sale or potentially SOLD to anyone and shall NOT be used by anyone for the purpose of displaying authority, carrying authority, use in deceptive behavior, use in acting as a law officer, public authority, or federal authority when one is not.
  • Furthermore, COPJOT is not responsible for, or what happens to, the COPJOT(s) once having left the companies possession.
  • All suspicious activity will be reported to the proper authorities. Please use your COPJOT responsibly.

 2. Sales of COPJOT Agency Notebooks are in compliance with United States Federal Law: 18 USC § 716 et seq. 

  • We understand that not all states and jurisdictions use 18 USC ss 716 as many have adopted through, state government, their own laws protecting their specific law enforcement uniforms, badges and insignia’s.
  • A great deal of time and resources are dedicated to the research of Federal, State, municipal and any other copyright and trademark law, contract, and or agreement that would affect the sale of a COPJOT Agency Notebook with an affixed printed patch, badge or insigia.


  • If you believe that a specific Agency Notebook listed for sale is in violation of your departments copyright or trademark please notify us immediately.
  • Although we invest a lot of time and resources into the compliance with laws and copyright/trademark agreements we make mistakes and do not claim to be perfect.
  • COPJOT operates, always, with the belief that the company is providing a product to collectors and or providing certified criminal justice personnel with a tool so that they can do their job better.