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Police Academy Graduation Gift

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Police Academy Graduation Gift

I wanted to give visitors of and shoppers in general who are looking to purchase a gift for a graduate of the police academy some insight and information. Let’s face it shopping for a police academy graduation gift seems simple but is actually quite hard. Graduates these days get most of their equipment given to them prior to the police academy and then more of it during the course of the academy. By the time the recruit finishes the police academy and graduates he or she has most, if not all of their uniform pieces and equipment. This leaves you searching the internet over and over along with visiting a few local police uniform shops looking for something that they will like.

A personalized piece of equipment is the best idea. New Officers, Deputies and Troopers love having their names on just about anything. There are a variety of items out there on the internet that will customize and personalize a piece of equipment for you but turnaround time can be weeks. I believe that most shoppers in seek of a police academy graduation gift is a last-minute purchase so time is of the essence.

We don’t sell our personalized items in police uniform and equipment stores. All of those items are sold right here on and the ETSY Marketplace. In fact, our ETSY shop COPJOT Police Notebooks and Pens has a 5 STAR rating with nearly 1,000 sales and well over 100 customer reviews.

Our CUSTOM POLICE NOTEBOOKS that are personalized make great graduation presents and turnaround time is a day or two. A personalized Patrol Notebook is most likely an officers most used piece of police equipment. Think about it for a second, how often do police officers take field notes? Not every single call but at least once or twice a day.

We have an assortment of Personalized POLICE NOTEPADS, ALL WEATHER POLICE NOTEPADS, BLUE LINE FLAG NOTEBOOKS, THIN BLUE LINE NOTEBOOKS, and REFILL PACKS to go along with them. Our POLICE UNIFORM PENS are a great add on or even just purchased alone. Police Officer’s need notebooks and pens because they come across information all the time. It is a never-ending task.

Check out for the Best Police Academy Graduation Gift that your loved one, friend or co-worker will really enjoy! If you have any questions or if we can be of any help to you please drop us an email at

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