What are the BEST Police Notebooks? (Ultimate Guide)

What are the BEST Police Notebooks? (Ultimate Guide)

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By Brian Humenuk, MS|CJA, COPJOT

Updated on July 23, 2023

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There are many options to choose from when it comes to buying a police notebook or police notepad. Here you will find the best options whether your work consists of patrol or you are investigating more serious crimes working as a detective.

The field interview is one of the more important aspects of the police officer job function. It is where important details are recorded and are called police officer field notes.

These notes are normally taken on the fly while interviewing victims, suspects and gathering evidence. The notes are later used to type a more formal police report.

There are enough notebooks on the market to satisfy your specific requirements. The following is some great information to narrow your search.

What is a Police Notebook | COPJOT

What is a police notebook?

A police notebook is a memo pad or notepad that a Police Officer keeps with them in order to write down information in which they come upon during their shift.

The information can vary from basic call information all the way to important notes regarding investigation details while working a crime scene. Notes from interviews can also be written down in a police notebook.

What is a policeman's notebook called?

A policeman's notebook is called:

  • Police Notebook
  • Police Notepad
  • Cop Book
  • PNB
  • Police Pocket Notebook
  • Police Jotter

Do police still use notebooks?

Yes, Police Officers still have a great use for and do carry Pocket Notebooks and Notepads with them during their patrol duties and investigative duties.

Pocket Size Notebooks are a must have for a Police Officer, State Trooper, Deputy Sheriff, Security Officer, Probation Officer and even a Correction Officer.

If a Police Officer uses a notebook they do not have to worry about remembering information like a name, address or other specific information after leaving the field and typing the report at the police station.

There is no feeling like the one where you get sent to a call or run into an officer-initiated call where you come across vital information that needs to be written down and you don't have anything to write on or write with. File this under unprofessional.

Police Officers also work in some really bad weather so it is important to use materials that you can write in the rain.

What do police write in their notebooks?

Police Officers write field notes in their notebooks and they serve as a written record of observations, facts, events, and information that law enforcement officers collect while on duty.

Law Enforcement notes are a fundamental tool used by police officers to document their activities, investigations, interactions with individuals, and other aspects of their work. Here are 5 key purposes and functions of police field notes:


Field notes are used to document the details of an incident, a crime scene, a suspect's description, witness statements, and other critical information. This documentation is essential for building a case, maintaining an accurate record of events, and providing evidence in court.

Memory Aid

Field notes help officers remember specific details and information about an incident, as human memory can be fallible and may fade over time. The notes serve as a reference when preparing reports or testifying in court.

Investigation Support

Police officers often rely on their field notes when conducting investigations. These notes provide a chronological record of actions taken, evidence collected, and interviews conducted, aiding in the development of case strategies.

Legal Documentation

Field notes can be used as legal documentation in court proceedings. They can serve as a reliable source of information for presenting evidence, corroborating testimony, and establishing the credibility of law enforcement actions.


Maintaining thorough and accurate field notes is a fundamental aspect of professionalism in law enforcement. It reflects an officer's commitment to detail, ethics, and the law.

What size is a police notebook?

Police Notebooks come in many sizes. A police officer will select the size based on:

  • Where he or she will keep or carry the notebook. For instance if a police officer choses to keep their notebook inside of their uniform breast pocket then they will choose a 3x5 spiral notebook or the best size notebook is the COPJOT Police Notebook which is 5 inches by 3.5 inches. 
  • What type of job a police officer is assigned to will determine the size of the notebook they carry. For instance, if they are assigned to patrol their notebook will be smaller than if they were assigned to investigative work like a Detective.


Police Notebooks are still worthy in a digital age

As the world is going digital and law enforcement agencies are evolving almost every day with new gadgets and technology some things still remain the same.

The police pocket notebook still has a lot of usefulness. Officers that respond to incidents jot down information in their notebooks and then sometime during their shift they will transcribe the information from their notebook into an incident report. 

What type of notebook do detectives use?

Detectives use a larger notebook that can hold a memo or legal pad. This is because detectives may need to sketch crime scenes and write down statements from several people at at time.

Best Police Notebook | COPJOT Police Notebooks and Pens

What is the best Police Notebook or Notepad?

The best Police Notebook for is the COPJOT Custom Police Notebook. The personalized police notebook is perfect for police officers who work patrol. Using it in the field helps you write better reports because you can recall information that is written down. 

☑ It is useful while on duty.

☑ It can be customized with the officer's agency logo on the front.

☑ It can be personalized with the officer's rank, name and badge number in silver, gold or blue.

☑ It is a very thoughtful gift.

☑ It is a head turner amongst the officer's peers and co-workers.

COPJOT's Custom Police Notebooks come with a lined notepad and are protected by a notebook cover that resembles leather. These notebooks are affordable in price. COPJOT also keeps the price of shipping free in order to solute the service of Police Officers.

Where can I get refill note pads for my Police Notebook Holder?

Refilling your Police Notebook with notepads is easy. Both LINED and UNLINED Notepads that fit the COPJOT Custom Police Notebook can be found at the following locations that include links directly to buy them.

Where can I buy a Custom Police Notebook or Police Note Pad?

Police Notebooks can be purchased on COPJOT.com and the ETSY Marketplace, Amazon and more. When you shop for a notebook at COPJOT Police Notebooks and Pens you will have different options like the custom police notepad, write in the rain notepad, blue line flag notebook and notebooks already customized to hundreds of agencies that regularly shop with us.

Some more generic notebooks can be purchased on Amazon, Galls and LA Police Gear. A local uniform supply store will also carry a notepad. The price will normally be under $25 per notepad. We here at www.copjot.com carry all of our notebooks for $20 or less and if you buy in bulk that price drops significantly.

COPJOT Police Notebooks and Pens

Reviews are Important

The reviews of COPJOT brand notebooks can be found on ETSY by clicking here. The COPJOT ETSY store has over 200 five star reviews and the store itself has a star seller rating. Many of their products are ETSY best sellers including their custom notebook, police uniform pens and write in the rain notepad.

Would buying a custom notebook make a good gift?

Yes it would make a great gift and you should check out the 27 Best Police Officer Gifts where it is ranked #1 as the best gift to buy a law enforcement officer.

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