About COPJOT Police Notebooks, Pens and The Notebook Files

About COPJOT Police Notebooks, Pens and The Notebook Files

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E-commerce side of COPJOT

Thank You for taking the time to read about me and the business I started in 2016. Wearing the many hats in my business actually comes 2nd to my career as a veteran police officer.

When I'm not in uniform I am providing the LE community with the best customer service and great products to help make their jobs on the street easier.

I have been working as a police officer for over 21 years and proudly all of that time has been on the streets. As a Patrol Supervisor and Field Training Officer I get to work with, and positively influence, the newest members of the men and women in uniform.

As technology transforms the way police officers do their jobs some things remain the same. The pocket notebook is an example of this. Officers will always take detailed notes whether they are at a minor traffic accident or an armed robbery.

Our COPJOT assists you with organization and helps you look a whole lot more professional. The COPJOT Patrol Notebook is the perfect size customized to you, your law enforcement agency, or both.

Since opening COPJOT.com and the ETSY Shop in 2017 the e-commerce side of things has transformed from more or less a hobby into a very small business.

I believe that our exceptional friendly customer service and our unique products continues to be the key to our growth.

I enjoy working with individuals and agencies to transform their ideas into a final product. Lastly, our Patrol Notebooks make an affordable gift to individuals employed in law enforcement or is a criminal justice professional.

Conditions of Use and Operating Policies of our e-commerce store

Like any other company that has been in business for nearly a decade COPJOT maintains business policies. If you have inquiries about our company e-commerce conditions of use, privacy policies or personal information policy please click on the individual link below.

Conditions of Use Policy

Shipping and Processing Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal Information Policy

Police Blog "The Notebook Files"

The author of the Police Blog "The Notebook Files" is the Founder and President of COPJOT Police Notebooks and Pens, Brian Humenuk.

Brian is a veteran police officer and small business owner. He has attained 3 college degrees all in criminal justice with the last one being a Master of Science majoring in Police Administration in 2021.

Brian has been training new police officers for the past 15 years and became a part of the police supervisory staff in 2014.

In 2017 he attended and successfully completed the FBI-LEEDA Trilogy Program in Police Management, Leadership, and Command.

Brian isn't just an entrepreneur in eCommerce, he is also an informed leader whose experience provides followers and visitors with a look into current and past police issues making headlines in the United States.

He extends his training, education, and experience to the officers just now getting into the field so that they may become more informed police officers and stay clear of police misconduct and corruption. 

Through Brian's expertise, he brings to light the problems that have plagued policing and holds firm that it should be the mission of today's police leaders to be the agents of positive change for the future of law enforcement.

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