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The author of the Police Blog "The Notebook Files" is the Founder and President of COPJOT Police Notebooks and Pens, Brian Humenuk.

Brian is a veteran police officer and small business owner. He has attained 3 college degrees all in criminal justice with the last one being a Master of Science majoring in Police Administration in 2021. Brian has been training new police officers for the past 15 years and became a part of the police supervisory staff after being promoted to Sergeant in 2014. In 2017 he attended and successfully completed the FBI-LEEDA Trilogy Program in Police Management, Leadership and Command.

Brian isn't just an entrepreneur in eCommerce, he is also an informed leader who provides followers and visitors with a look into current and past police issues making headlines in the United States. He extends his training, education and experience to the officers just now getting into the field so that they may become more informed police officers and stay clear of police misconduct and corruption. 

Brian brings to light the problems that have plagued policing and holds firm that it should be the mission of today's police leaders to be the agents of positive change for the future of law enforcement.

More Information

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