Best Write in the Rain Field Notebooks for Police

Best Write in the Rain Field Notebooks for Police

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 By Brian Humenuk, MS|CJA, COPJOT

Updated on October 28, 2023

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Law Enforcement Officers across the nation share many things in common but one thing for certain is that they field calls for service in all kinds of weather including rain, sleet and snow.


In many parts of the country the weather can change faster than a high speed pursuit. Many of us prepare our police duty bags with rain gear and one such piece of equipment on that list should be a Write In The Rain Police Notepad.

For some officers, especially in the warm and sunny regions having a weatherproof police notepad may not be as important but there is a second school of thought here and please hear me out.

I believe that you can have two types of police notebooks.

One that looks great like the COPJOT Police Notebook and one for grinding out patrol work when the weather suddenly changes and you find yourself feeling like you are in Seattle or Maine. 

In this article I am going to deep dive into Weatherproof Police Notepads, their overall benefits for law enforcement officers, and which ones I think you should consider putting at the top of your list.

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Let's not wait any further and dive into the Best All Weather Notebooks for Police Officers.

Why Choose a Write In the Rain Notepad for Law Enforcement Patrol Work?

All-weather or "write in the rain" notepads offer invaluable benefits to law enforcement officers, ensuring they can effectively document crucial information regardless of weather conditions.

These specialized pads are waterproof, allowing officers to jot down notes, record evidence, and sketch diagrams even in rain, snow, or high humidity.

By eliminating concerns about smudging or water damage, these notepads maintain the integrity of vital information, aiding in accurate report writing and investigation documentation.

Overall, all-weather notepads enhance efficiency, reliability, and professionalism in law enforcement operations.

This All Weather Notepad by COPJOT has Research Behind it.

In 2020 COPJOT started it's own research and development on creating our own write in the rain weatherproof notepad.

We reached out to many of our valued repeat customers and asked them what they would like to see in a all weather field notepad.


The following specifications is what the COPJOT Write in the Rain Field Notebook offers:

  • Pocket Size 3in x 5in.
  • Able to fit in a vest carrier or shirt pocket.

  • strong paper with universal pattern.

  • Top spiral bound.

  • 75-100 sheets of paper with a lined pattern.

  • Think cover and back for writing support.

  • Tactical. Meaning quick and easy to use.

  • Reference for Miranda Rights and phonetic alphabet.

  • Evidence gathering rulers.

The COPJOT Write In The Rain Police Notepad is a great option for Police Officers, Sheriff's Deputies and State Troopers looking to utilized more than just notepaper. 

The weather proof notebook comes in a sleek color combination and utilizes Miranda Rights, Rulers and the Phonetic Alphabet to round out it's profession look and feel. 

best weatherproof police notepad


The  Rite In The Rain Law Enforcement Notepad is a great all weather notepad for law enforcement officers because of it's proven all weather paper and blue line design.

best all weather police notepad

Check out the COIDEA All Weather Notepad because although there are no law enforcement frills they work great and they are an affordable buy especially in bulk.

best all weather police notepad


About the Author

Brian Humenuk isn't just an entrepreneur in eCommerce, he is also an informed leader whose experience provides followers and visitors with a look into current and past police issues making headlines in the United States.

Brian has earned three degrees in Criminal Justice with the last, a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

Brian extends his training, education, and experience to the officers just now getting into the field so that they may become more informed police officers and stay clear of police misconduct and corruption. 

You can find out more about Brian and the COPJOT story on the ABOUT US page.

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