27 Best Police Officer Gifts (Ranked and Reviewed)

27 Best Police Officer Gifts (Ranked and Reviewed)

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Brian Humenuk | Author | COPJOT

By Brian Humenuk, COPJOT  

Updated on August 1, 2023

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Police Officers, Law Enforcement Officers (LEO's) and Cops receive gifts and presents for many occasions including graduating from the police academy, birthdays, Christmas, rank promotion, praise from their bosses, and more.

Being first responders can be hard work, especially in weather that can be really hot and really cold in the communities that they serve.

The police profession is one in which a law enforcement officer is proud. Members of the police force as well as Police Officers who work as State Troopers and Sheriff's Deputies are a part of a law enforcement community that has their own niche of gear, equipment, and apparel.

A Police badge and badge number are sacred to the officer and can be used in some ways on apparel and gear.

We happily took a dive into some research to find the 27 Best Police Officer Gifts so that we can help you make the right decision.

​In case you want to jump right to our recommendations you can do that by clicking here or just scrolling down, but if you want to continue on in this 6-minute or less information-packed article on the 27 top-rated police officer gift ideas keep on going. 

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The Best Gift Idea for a Cop 

The best gift for a police officer is the COPJOT Custom Police Notebook because it checks all of the boxes. Useful, Unique, and Personalized.

Best Gift Idea for Cops

What do Police Officers like as gifts?

Selecting a suitable gift for a law enforcement officer involves thoughtfulness and consideration for their profession, preferences, and needs.

Police Officers like gifts that include the following:

  • Gifts that prioritize comfort and well being
  • Tools that can be used on duty
  • Fitness and health items
  • Books and educational resources
  • Personalized gifts
  • Gifts to ease stress
  • Gifts that they themselves can't afford but deserve

Whether it's a practical item for the job, a personal token of gratitude, or a gesture to help them relax and unwind, the thought behind the gift is what truly matters.

Always consider the officer's personality, interests, and needs to select the perfect token of appreciation for their service.

Unique gifts for a Police Officer

While traditional gifts like mugs or key chains with police-related motifs are thoughtful, finding something unique and special can make your gift stand out.

Here are some distinctive and thoughtful gift ideas that any cop would appreciate.

The following are the best unique gifts for a police officer:

1. The COPJOT Custom Police Notebook that allows you to customize it based on the police agency along with the rank - name - badge number of the individual officer.

2. Engraved Metal Police Pen Set makes a great gift because police officers are constantly writing and they enjoy having metal accents for their uniforms.

What to get a Police Officer for Christmas?

You should get a Police Officer a Christmas gift that is unique, personalized, or useful. 

Below we break down the best Christmas gifts for a Police Officer. If you are looking for a Police Christmas gift in bulk we recommend two products that have been around for quite some time and both come with personalization.

1. Custom Police Notebook with Personalization by COPJOT

2. Personalized Engraved Police Pens that come in a pair (2) 

Keep scrolling down for the Best Christmas Gifts for a Police Officer or click here.

What occasions do you give a law enforcement officer a gift?

Whether you are looking to give a graduation gift or it is a birthday present nearly all of these recommendations will work great no matter the occasion.

Our list of ideas is unique, will show your appreciation for their service, and is a perfect way to honor a police officer's career. 

The holidays are when most people look for police officers' presents so be sure to give yourself some extra time for processing and shipping.

Loved ones buying for their favorite officer should look for the best useful gifts and other essentials to make their life easier.

Do Police Officers receive appreciation gifts?

Yes, Police Officers receive appreciation gifts. There are many reasons that Police Officer would receive appreciation gifts.

  • For finding a missing person
  • For saving a life
  • For giving a speech to kids or at a meeting
  • Fore reaching retirement
  • For graduating from the police academy
  • For going above and beyond the regular call of duty
  • For doing something heroic

Also, cops can receive an appreciation gift but don't feel disrespected if they can't accept it.

Their department policies and procedures will dictate whether it is OK to accept a gift or not or even the cost of the gift.

For instance, in some states officers can't accept a gift that is over $50. Police Officer gifts can be found for under $50 and we have plenty of them on our list below. 

Birthday Gift for a Police Officer

Celebrating a police officer's birthday is a fantastic opportunity to show appreciation for their dedication, hard work, and sacrifice.

Choosing a thoughtful and meaningful gift can brighten their special day and make them feel valued. Many of our picks below make excellent birthday gift ideas that can honor the police officer in your life.

27 Best Police Officer Gifts (Ranked and Reviewed)

Thin Blue Line Gifts

The thin blue line and the blue line flag are representative of the police profession and merchandise with these emblems make a great gift idea.

Your favorite cop would be very accepting of personalized gifts that have the thin blue line or blue line flag incorporated in them.

As you will see further in this article we recommend several gifts for policemen with the thin blue line and the thin blue line flag.

What to include in a thoughtful Gift Basket for a Police Officer

A thoughtful and personalized gift basket for a cop is a terrific way to say thank you, celebrate a birthday or even give to a new police officer.

Creating a gift basket with carefully chosen items can be better than giving just a single gift. Here's a guide to help you curate a meaningful gift basket.

Snacks and Treats

Police officers often work long hours, and having a quick snack can be a lifesaver. Protein Bars, Candy and Trail Mix

Hydration Essentials

Include a high-quality water bottle or a stylish insulated tumbler to keep their drinks at the desired temperature. You could also add flavored water enhancers or electrolyte tablets to encourage proper hydration.

Energy Drinks

Hydration Encouragement Bottles

Relaxation and Self Care Products

Pamper the officer with relaxation and self-care items such as scented candles, bath and shower bombs, or epson bath salts.

Hand Written Thank You

Write a heartfelt thank-you note expressing your gratitude for their service and dedication.

A handwritten message can add a personal touch to the gift basket, making it even more special.

Small gifts for Police Officers

When it comes to showing appreciation for our dedicated police officers, even small gestures can make a significant impact.

Thoughtful and practical small gifts can convey gratitude for their tireless service, commitment, and sacrifice to keeping our communities safe.

Consider gifting a tie, cuff links, or other accessory with police themed patterns. It's a subtle way for them to show pride in their profession even outside of work.

Add these Engraved Police Officer Pens to a larger gift or a gift basket or keep scrolling down in this article to find several more small gifts for police officers.


Best Gifts for a Police Officer


Thoughtful Gifts for Police Officer Appreciation Week

Police Officer Appreciation Week is a significant time to honor the brave men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting our communities.

It's an opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation for their tireless efforts in maintaining law and order. What better way to show our heartfelt thanks than by presenting thoughtful and meaningful gifts?

In this instance you may be looking for a gift for one or two individual police men or a gift that you can bulk order for a shift, staff or the whole agency.

Our picks below offer great options for one or two officers.

For bulk orders we recommend the COPJOT Custom Police Notebooks with optional officer personalization.

Cops, Sheriff Deputies and State Troopers wear many hats but note taking is one hat that they wear daily.

You can find a link here to the special order page.

What are the Best Gifts for Cops

The best gifts for cops are useful and unique gifts that they can use while at work and make their life easier.

We have many gifts on our list of recommendations that are useful and unique but one stands out.

#1 on our list is a COPJOT Custom Police Notebook for many reasons. It makes the perfect gift because it checks all of the boxes.

☑ It is useful while on duty. Police Officer Field Notes are an important function of the job.

☑ It can be personalized with the officer's rank, name, and badge number in silver, gold, or blue.

☑ It is a head turner amongst the officer's peers and co-workers.

Best Gift Ideas for a Police Officer
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT

Personalized Police Gifts

Personalized police gifts can convey a special touch that goes a long way. Personalization adds a unique and thoughtful element to the gift, making it truly meaningful for the recipient.
These Cop pens come as a set (2) and are engraved with the police officers name, rank, and badge number or any combination.
The company has been an ETSY business since 2016, is an ETSY Star Seller and offers free shipping.
Best Gifts for a Police Officer

Useful gifts for Police Officers

When it comes to gifting a police officer, choosing something practical and useful can make a significant impact on their daily lives.
Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that can enhance their efficiency and safety on the job.
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT
Best gift ideas for a police officer | COPJOT

Books make a great gift for Police Officer

The life of a police officer is a unique blend of challenges and responsibilities that come with ensuring the safety and well-being of a community.

The daily demands of the job can sometimes take a toll on their emotional well-being, making it crucial to find healthy outlets for stress and a means to strengthen resilience.

For police officers, finding books that resonate with their experiences and emotions can provide a sense of comfort and understanding.

Many Police Officers will not go out and buy this book on their own so gift it to your loved one as part of a bigger gift or gift basket.

27 Best Police Officer Gifts (Ranked and Reviewed)

Stylish and thoughtful gifts

When choosing a gift for a police officer, it's important to consider their professional needs and personal style. This Boston Scally paperboy hat strikes a balance between style and practicality, making it ideal for those serving in law enforcement.
27 Best Police Officer Gifts (Ranked and Reviewed)
27 Best Police Officer Gifts (Ranked and Reviewed)
27 Best Police Officer Gifts (Ranked and Reviewed)


In conclusion, finding the perfect gift is an act of appreciation that goes a long way in recognizing their selfless service and dedication.

The carefully curated list of 27 Best Police Officer Gifts (Ranked and Reviewed) in this blog post offers a range of thoughtful options that cater to different tastes and preferences.

These gifts not only showcase appreciation but also represent a token of respect and support for the invaluable role police officers play in our communities.

As you consider the ideal gift for the police officer in your life, remember that personalization and thoughtfulness are key.

Tailor the gift to their interests and preferences, and let it serve as a tangible symbol of your gratitude for their tireless efforts in keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Choose a gift that resonates with their dedication, and let it be a reminder of the community's collective appreciation for their service.

Lastly, show your support and gratitude today by gifting a meaningful token that truly captures the essence of their invaluable contribution to society.

Be sure to visit www.copjot.com to browse our custom police notebooks, all metal police pens and police related blog articles

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