11 Best Police Week Gift Ideas (Ranked and Reviewed)

11 Best Police Week Gift Ideas (Ranked and Reviewed)

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 Brian Humenuk | Author | COPJOT

By Brian Humenuk, MS|CJA, COPJOT

Updated on January 4, 2024

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Law enforcement officers often face dangerous and challenging situations in the line of duty. Recognizing them during Police Week is a way to honor the sacrifices they and their families make to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

Police Week also serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges law enforcement officers face and the importance of supporting them. Increased awareness can lead to better understanding of their roles and the necessity for community collaboration in promoting public safety.

If you are thinking about being a gift giver during National Police week 2024 then you are not alone. We here at COPJOT receive requests for our Custom Police Notebooks, Blue Line Flag Notebooks and Engraved Police Pens from local businesses and organizations, Police Chiefs, colleagues and coworkers and more. 

COPJOT is supported by its audience. When you make a purchase through links on this site I may earn a small affiliate commission.

Lets dive right into this information packed article on the 11 Best Police Week Gift Ideas so that your shopping for this special occasion will be a snap. 

Gifts for Police Week

National Police Week has gained increasing recognition and participation from law enforcement agencies, government officials, community members, and organizations across the United States.

It has become a time not only for mourning and remembrance but also for celebrating the dedication and sacrifices of law enforcement officers.

Today, National Police Week continues to be a significant occasion for honoring and remembering law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as recognizing the ongoing contributions of those who serve to protect and uphold the law.

The week serves as a reminder of the importance of law enforcement in maintaining public safety and fostering positive relationships between officers and the communities they serve.

Gifting during this time period has in many ways and locations around the country become customary. 

From writing thank you cards to police officers, to dropping off meals at local police stations and finally giving gifts in the exchange of appreciation, people from all over take the time to put law enforcement officers first. 

This is a change because selflessly, police officers are always putting aside their needs and their own personal troubles to help others that need help the most.

National Police Week Gift Ideas

If you have been scouring the internet looking for a great gift or gifts or give during National Police Week then you are not alone. 

The best police gifts are those that are:

1. Useful

2. Unique

3. Personalized

4. Customized

If you can find something that is all of those then you have found yourself the perfect gift to give.

Check out these COPJOT Custom Police Notebooks and Engraved Police Officer Pens

Best Police Week Gifts

Best Police Week Gifts

Continue reading or scroll down for many more gift ideas.

Law Enforcement Gifts in Bulk

A positive and supportive work environment is essential for the well-being and effectiveness of law enforcement officers. Recognizing them during Police Week contributes to creating a workplace culture that values and appreciates their dedication.

#1 on our list of bulk gifts is our Custom Police Notebooks. Law Enforcement Officers and gift givers love it because it checks all of the boxes:

☑ It is beautifully customized to their agency 

☑ It is personalized to them with their rank / name / and badge #

☑ It is useful and unique. Officers will use it daily in the field. 

 #2 is our personalized Engraved Police Pens that we sell in bulk. This past Christmas we saw sales of these beautifully engraved pens soar and many were ordered in bulk for shifts, platoons, specialty divisions and entire departments.

 Police Appreciation Gifts

Thin Blue Line Gifts

The Blue Line Flag is a visual representation of the bond shared among law enforcement officers. It serves as a reminder of the risks and sacrifices they make daily to ensure public safety.

Supporters of the flag often see it as an expression of gratitude and support for those who wear the badge.

The blue line on the flag is also a tribute to officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. It symbolizes the collective mourning for fallen heroes and a commitment to honoring their memory.

Gifts with the blue line flag are enjoyed by law enforcement officers, cops, sheriffs and state troopers all over the United States because it reminds them of the solidarity they share and the brothers and sisters they have lost along the way while being the protectors of society.

The following are gift recommendations that would be fitting in this category.

Best Police Week Gifts

Best Police Week Gifts

Best Police Week Gifts

Best Police Week Gifts

Best Police Week Gifts

Best Police Week Gifts

Best Police Week Gifts

Best Police Week Gifts


In conclusion, finding the perfect gift is an act of appreciation that goes a long way in recognizing their selfless service and dedication.

The carefully curated list of 27 Best Police Officer Gifts (Ranked and Reviewed) in this blog post offers a range of thoughtful options that cater to different tastes and preferences.

These gifts not only showcase appreciation but also represent a token of respect and support for the invaluable role police officers play in our communities.

As you consider the ideal gift for the police officer in your life, remember that personalization and thoughtfulness are key.

Tailor the gift to their interests and preferences, and let it serve as a tangible symbol of your gratitude for their tireless efforts in keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Choose a gift that resonates with their dedication, and let it be a reminder of the community's collective appreciation for their service.

Lastly, show your support and gratitude today by gifting a meaningful token that truly captures the essence of their invaluable contribution to society.

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Brian has earned three degrees in Criminal Justice with the last, a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

Brian extends his training, education, and experience to the officers just now getting into the field so that they may become more informed police officers and stay clear of police misconduct and corruption. 

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