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Top 10 Police Gadgets and Essential COP Gear Must Haves

Top 10 Police Gadgets and Essential COP Gear Must Haves

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Brian Humenuk | Author | COPJOT


By Brian Humenuk   MS|CJA   COPJOT  

Published on June 20, 2024

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If you haven’t looked around lately modern policing is here and it’s here to stay. Innovative police gadgets have revolutionized how you approach your jobs as law enforcement officers, providing you with cutting-edge tools that enhance your capabilities in the field.

These innovative police gadgets and state-of-the-art gear checks nearly every box when it comes to making your difficult job easier and safer than ever before.

In a way I’m a bit blown away at how far and fast law enforcement equipment and gear has come. For as long as I can remember policing had struggled with keeping up with the rest of the world. At least technology wise.

But for now, and the foreseeable future, new cutting-edge law enforcement gadgets, gear and tools have broke through and are everywhere.


For me and many other old school cops out there it can be difficult being surrounded by all of this new equipment and definitely a challenge for us using it.

For you younger police officers, sheriffs deputies and state troopers this time in policing must be fun and interesting. 

As I look around I can’t help but take in all of the LED’s, gadgets, tools, organizing gear, swag, and more.


As technology advances, good luck bad guys. Much of this new age law enforcement equipment not only looks badass but much of it is capable of catching the people on the wrong side of the law.

For several months now I’ve been wanting to put together an article on the top 25 must have gear for police officers.

So today is the day. Well, this week is the week because this article took me much longer than a day to publish.

I’m going to deep dive into some really cool and interesting police gear and put together a killer list of aw enforcement essentials.

I tried my hardest to think outside of the box here. 

I’m not only going to explore the top 10 police gadgets but let’s add to it the top 10 tools for police officers and even more police officer essentials.

So if you are a new recruit or newer police officer, deputy sheriff or state trooper you are in luck. This list will have a many law enforcement tools on it that I know your going to want to put in your patrol bag.


If you are a seasoned law enforcer your not gonna want to miss any of the items on this list of cop gadgets.

Don’t forget to pass this list along to your loved ones because some great gift giving ideas are on here.

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Let's dive into the Police Officer Must Haves

The Must Have Tools of Police

Whether you are new to the law enforcement field or looking to add some new police tools to your patrol duty bag I have some great suggestions for you. 

Watches, either being a tactical, classy enough for off duty, or a SMART version definitely find their way on the list of top 10 police gadgets.

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The following list of police gadgets and must haves gets updated periodically as new products emerge.

police officer essentials
Police must haves
police officer must haves

Police Gear Must Haves

cool police gear
police officer essentials
cool police gear

Top 10 Police Gadgets

must have police gadgets
police officer must haves
must have police gadgets
police officer essentials
top 10 police gadgets

COP Gadgets

Best Gear for Police Officers

Essential Police Gear
Things Police Officers Need

Law Enforcement Essentials

Items police officers need
must have police gadget
police officer gadgets
police officer must haves
things police officers need

Items Police Officers Need

must have gear for police officers
must have gear for police officers
best gear for police officers
best gear for police officers

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Brian Humenuk isn't just an entrepreneur in eCommerce, he is also an informed leader whose experience provides followers and visitors with a look into current and past police issues making headlines in the United States.

Brian has earned three degrees in Criminal Justice with the last, a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

Brian extends his training, education, and experience to the officers just now getting into the field so that they may become more informed police officers and stay clear of police misconduct and corruption. 

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