Buy Affordable Metal Gold Pens in Bulk

Buy Affordable Metal Gold Pens in Bulk

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Brian Humenuk | Author | COPJOT
Updated on February 20, 2023
4 minute read


If you are searching for Gold Pens that you can order in bulk you have landed on the right page. This article will give you information on our gold pens and how to order them in bulk along with links to the product page.


Gold Pens are known to be used by Police Officers who display a gold badge, collar pins, and nameplate however, Gold Uniform Pens are also worn and used by Fire Fighters, Doctors and Pilots.  

Gold Pens in Bulk | COPJOT

Bulk Gold Pens

Our bulk order Gold Pens are all metal and have a rich gold color. They are twist pens and are on the slimmer side. They come with black ink and are refillable.

COPJOT Police Notebooks and Pens sell three different types of Gold Pens and each can be bulk ordered with applicable bulk order discounts from the product page. The following are the options with links to the product page:

Metal All Gold Pens

Metal Black and Gold Pens

Metal Silver and Gold Pens

Best Affordable Pens

Since 2015 COPJOT Police Notebooks and Pens has been selling the same Police Uniform Pens. Our selection and prices are unmatched. All of our pens are sold as a pair (2) and we keep them around $10 - $12 with free shipping.

Buying expensive pens that you use daily can be risky due to the possibility of loosing them and the cost to replace them. Going with COPJOT Police Uniform Pens will give you a professional look as well as great medium tip pen for writing.

Be sure to read our article "Best Affordable All Metal Police Officer Pens

Here is a link to our All Metal Police Pen Collection page and the following is a list of all of the pens that we sell.

Police Uniform Pen Collection | COPJOT

Metal All Silver Pens

Metal All Gold Pens

Metal Silver and Gold Pens

Metal Black and Gold Pens

Metal Black and Silver Pens

Metal Blue and Metallic Black Pens

More Information

Are you a Police Officer, Sheriff or State Trooper, Law Enforcement family member or friend check out our Custom Police Notebooks. 

Publishing significant Police related blog articles is not the only great thing we do. We manufacture, customize and personalize Custom Police Notebooks and Notepads for Police Officers and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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