Best Metal Detector Wands for Security and Police (Ultimate Guide)

Best Metal Detector Wands for Security and Police (Ultimate Guide)

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By Brian Humenuk, COPJOT  

Updated on March 28, 2024

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In today's world, ensuring safety and security in public spaces, events, and facilities is of upmost importance.

From the courts and guard checkpoints to concert venues and the local police booking room, personnel have a duty to ensure that weapons are neutralized, and deterrence is effective.

Much of that responsibility is placed on law enforcement officers and private security guards.

With that responsibility law enforcement agencies and private security companies need to rely on equipment that will ensure weapons and other prohibited metal items can be detected and neutralized. 

One piece of equipment that is relied on a lot is the metal detector wand for security. It has been around for quite some time and they have prevented countless incidents from unfolding.

Since 9/11 hand-held metal detector wands have emerged as indispensable tools for security personnel in detecting concealed metal objects quickly and efficiently.

In this ultimate guide, I am going to deep dive into the world of handheld metal detector wands, exploring their functionality, benefits, and applications in various security settings.

I am also going to lay out the Best metal detector wand for security and where to get them.

Let’s dive in.

What is the Best Hand Held Metal Detector

The best handheld metal detector is one that matches your specific security screening needs and your budget. 

For instance size and price may not matter and you just need to buy a quality hand held metal detector that will do the best job possible.


You may be looking to go with a smaller model and your on a tighter budget because of a bulk order.

Let's look at your options.

Garrett Metal Detectors

There are many to choose from but the Best Handheld Metal Detector that I have used is the Garrett Super Scanner V Metal Detector. I like the 8 inch flat scan surface and the ability to throw it on vibrate instead of beep.


The Garrett SuperWand Metal Detector which is pictured below is another great option that you should consider having on your list.

The Garrett Superwand has a little different feel that to me is more comfortable easier to maneuver clothing to the side if you need to.

When I am at an event with my wife or friends and I see that the security team is utilizing a Garrett security wand I know they have pulled out all the stops to ensure safety.

Garrett has been an industry pillar since being founded out of a garage in 1964. Their security products are made in Garland, Texas USA.

Although I have the Garrett SuperScanner V at the top of my list there is another Handheld Metal Detector Wand that you should consider.

The RANSANERS Hand held Metal Detector Wand is a pick for people and agencies on a tighter budget.

This handheld metal detector wand comes with a side charging port so that you can install your own 9V rechargeable battery which you can find here.

What are Handheld Metal Detector Wands?

Handheld metal detector wands, also known as security wands or hand wands, are portable devices used for detecting metal objects on individuals.

They consist of a handheld unit that emits an electromagnetic field and a sensor coil that detects disruptions in the field caused by metallic objects.

When the wand is passed over a person's body or belongings, any concealed metal objects, such as weapons, knives, or metallic devices, are identified by the detector's audible and visual alerts.

If you are a law enforcement or security organization leader the thought of one of your men or women getting hurt due to a missed weapon during a search can be crippling. For you hand-held metal detectors should be at locations where people are being screened for potential metal hazards.

This investment in a quality hand held security wand far outweighs cost of injury or death. 


It's equipment like this that puts your officers in the best positions for success and safety. Be sure to read my article on Best Tips for Police Leaders Building a Positive Organizational Culture.

What are Security Wands called?

Hand Held Metal Detector Wand. A hand held metal detector wand, or security wand, is an essential tool used by security professions and law enforcement officers worldwide to search for and neutralize concealed weapons and contraband.

What is the difference between a metal detector and a wand?

Hand held metal detectors are designed for quick and efficient searches scanning for knives, weapons, and other concealed metal objects. Metal detector wands can be a practical alternative to airport or event style walk through, arch type detectors which are designed for rapid scanning of large volumes of people.

How does a Handheld Metal Detector Wand Function and Operate?

The operation of handheld metal detector wands is straightforward yet highly effective. Here's a brief overview of their functionality:

Emission of Electromagnetic Field

The wand emits a low-level electromagnetic field from its detection coil when powered on.

This field penetrates clothing, fabric, and non-metallic materials, allowing it to detect metal objects concealed on a person's body or belongings.

Detection of Metal Objects

When the wand encounters a metallic object, such as a weapon or metal device, it disrupts the electromagnetic field, triggering an alert on the detector.

This alert is typically in the form of an audible tone, vibration, or visual indicator, alerting the security operator to the presence of metal.

Manual Screening

Security personnel manually sweep the wand over an individual's body, clothing, bags, or belongings to conduct a thorough metal detection screening.

The wand's sensitivity settings can be adjusted to detect various sizes of metal objects, from small weapons to larger contraband items.

What are the Benefits of Handheld Metal Detector Wands?

Handheld metal detector wands like the SuperScanner model V offer several advantages over traditional metal detectors and security screening methods:

Portability and Mobility

Unlike fixed metal detectors, handheld wands are compact, lightweight, and portable, allowing security personnel to conduct screenings quickly and efficiently in various locations and environments. They are ideal for use in crowded areas, event venues, schools, airports, and public transportation hubs.

Versatility and Flexibility

Handheld metal detector wands are versatile tools that can be used for screening individuals, bags, packages, and vehicles. They provide security personnel with the flexibility to conduct targeted screenings based on specific security threats or concerns.

Rapid Screening Process

Handheld wands enable rapid and non-intrusive screening of individuals without the need for physical pat-downs or extensive searches. This expedites the security screening process, reducing wait times and minimizing disruptions to the flow of people and traffic.

Enhanced Sensitivity and Accuracy

Modern handheld metal detector wands feature advanced technology and adjustable sensitivity settings, allowing them to detect a wide range of metal objects with high accuracy.

They can differentiate between harmless items, such as coins or keys, and potentially dangerous weapons or contraband.

Deterrent Effect

The visible presence of handheld metal detector wands acts as a deterrent to individuals attempting to smuggle weapons or prohibited items into secured areas.

Knowing that security personnel are equipped with metal detection tools encourages compliance with security protocols and discourages illicit activities.

Where can handheld Metal Detector Wands be used?

Handheld metal detector wands have diverse applications across various industries and sectors:

1. Security and Law Enforcement: Handheld wands are widely used by security personnel, law enforcement officers, and private security firms to screen individuals for weapons and contraband in airports, seaports, government buildings, stadiums, concerts, and high-security facilities.

2. Courthouse Security: Handheld wands can be used by courthouse security personnel to screen people entering the building for weapons and contraband.

3. Event Security: Event organizers employ handheld metal detector wands to enhance security measures at concerts, festivals, sporting events, and conferences.

They help prevent unauthorized entry of weapons or dangerous objects, ensuring the safety of attendees and staff.

4. Education and Campus Security: Schools, colleges, and universities use handheld metal detector wands as part of their security protocols to screen students, faculty, and visitors for weapons and prohibited items.

This helps create a safer learning environment and mitigates the risk of violence or unauthorized access to school premises.

5. Corporate Security: Corporations and businesses utilize handheld wands to screen employees, visitors, and guests entering their premises, particularly in high-security areas or sensitive facilities. This helps protect assets, prevent theft, and maintain a secure work environment.

6. Transportation Security: Transportation authorities and security agencies deploy handheld metal detector wands to screen passengers, luggage, and cargo at airports, train stations, bus terminals, and border crossings.

This enhances aviation security, border control, and public transit safety. 


Handheld metal detector wands are essential tools for enhancing security screening and maintaining public safety in a wide range of settings.

Their portability, versatility, and effectiveness make them indispensable for security personnel tasked with detecting concealed metal objects and preventing potential threats.

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