These Police Exam Study Guides Get Top Results (Ultimate Guide)

These Police Exam Study Guides Get Top Results (Ultimate Guide)

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 Brian Humenuk | Author | COPJOT

By Brian Humenuk, MA, COPJOT

Updated on April 30, 2024

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Preparing for a career in law enforcement requires dedication, perseverance, and thorough preparation.


I know all too well because over 20 years ago I thoroughly used a civil service police exam study guide that I bought at a Barnes and Noble Book Store to score a 97% which got me into the first round of hiring. Twenty two years later the same exams still exist today.

I can say with 100% certainty that without the police exam prep guide that I bought I would not have achieved a 97%.. 

Although there can be many steps in the police officer hiring process, the entrance exam or civil service police exam is the most critical because it services as a ranked list of eligible individuals that can start the hiring process once an agency has an opening or even multiple openings.

The entrance exam for police officers is the first step in the journey to becoming a police officer and passing the exam is important but doing very well on the exam is just as important.

It will be here where getting a great test score could be the start of a very enjoyable and exciting career in law enforcement.

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When it comes to police entrance examinations there will be the people that fail, the people that will pass and the people that will score in the top 10%.

In order to achieve that success that separates you from the rest of the crowd you will need to study and prepare in advance.

One way of doing that is to consider buying a well-rounded police exam study guide or civil service police exam study guide like the Trivium Police Officer Test Prep Study Guide.


Including these specific exams;

In this article I am going to deep dive into police exam study guides and I hope that you read to the end because I am going to give you a pro tip on what you may want to wear to the exam.

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pro tips for becoming a police officer


Let’s wait no further and dive into the meat and potatoes of this article.

How these Prep Guides and Practice Tests help you study for the police exam?

Studying and utilizing preparation guides for the police officer entrance exam and the civil service police entrance exam are crucial steps in achieving success in these highly competitive assessments.

These exams encompass a broad range of topics, from legal concepts to ethical considerations, and require candidates to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities and challenges associated with law enforcement.

Preparation guides serve as invaluable resources, providing structured study plans, comprehensive content coverage, and practice tests that simulate the exam experience.

By utilizing these guides, candidates can familiarize themselves with the exam format, identify areas of strength and weakness, and refine their knowledge and skills to perform at their best on exam day.

Moreover, preparation guides offer strategies for effective studying, time management, and test-taking techniques, empowering candidates to approach the exam with confidence and maximize their chances of success.

In a competitive field where every point matters, diligent preparation with the aid of study guides can make a significant difference in achieving one's goal of becoming a police officer or entering the civil service.

What are the Key Features of a Quality Police Exam Study Guide?

When choosing a police exam study guide, it's essential to look for certain key features to ensure its effectiveness. Here are some features to consider:

Comprehensive Content

The study guide should cover all the topics included in the police exam, with detailed explanations and examples to aid understanding.

Practice Tests

Practice tests are invaluable for assessing knowledge and identifying areas that require further study. Look for a study guide that includes multiple practice tests with answer keys and explanations.

Updated Material

Law enforcement practices and procedures evolve over time, so it's crucial to choose a study guide that reflects the latest developments in the field.

User-Friendly Format

The study guide should be well-organized and easy to navigate, allowing candidates to quickly find the information they need.

Additional Tips, Advice, and Resources

Some study guides may offer supplementary materials such as flashcards, online resources, or mobile apps to enhance learning.

What are the Best Police Study Guides?

The best police examination study guides are those that are specific to your needs which include;

  • What state you are looking to become employed in.
  • What agency you are looking to become employed with.
  • Whether the test is civil service or non-civil service.
  • Whether the test is being given by a state POST council or agency.

There are a several Police Officer Entrance Exam preparation guides that you should consider and they are;

The Trivium Police Officer Test Prep Study Guide is a great guide for both non civil service and civil service exams because it is kept up to date, provides over 300 practice questions with not only the answers but also the explanations to the answers. 

For Civil Service Police Officer Exams the Brookfield Test Prep Guide is a top choice that you should consider.

 and for police agency specific test prep guides look to the following that have links where you can get them at a great price;

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